Pricing Options for listclean

  • Pay Per List

    Fully clean your list before you pay anything

    • Pay when you want to download
    • Reductions for larger numbers of rows
    • Download the cleansed data as many times as you want

    £5/5000 rows

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  • Subscribe

    Clean as many lists as you want

    • Pay by subscribing
    • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Subscriptions available
    • Cancel at any time


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  • Full Service

    Let us clean your lists for you to save you time

    • Send us your lists
    • We do all the cleansing for you
    • Contact us if you want the full service and we will arrange to get your lists

    £100/5000 rows

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Full Pricing

  • Data Cleansing

    Number of RowsPrice
    0 - 5,000£5
    5,001 - 25,000£10
    25,001 - 100,000£20
  • email address checking

    Number of addressesPrice
    0 - 5,000£5
    5,001 - 25,000£10
    2,5001 - 100,000£20
  • Subscriptions

    Subscription LengthPrice
  • Full Service

    Number of RowsPrice
    0 - 5,000£100
    5,001 - 25,000£250
    25,001 - 100,000£400

Common Questions

  • Do you have setup fees or contracts?

    We do not have setup fees or contracts. You can either pay per list, when you have cleansed your data, or subscribe to use listclean. If you subscribe you can cancel your subscription at any point.


    Is my data secure?

    All interaction with listclean, including spreadsheet uploads and downloads, uses a secure connection (https). All uploaded data is stored within a secure British Datacentre.

  • When I pay are my details safe?

    Payments to listclean are handled by PayPal. None of your PayPal account details or credit card details are held by listclean

  • Is VAT included in the prices listed?

    No VAT will be added when you are charged. Currently the rate is 20%.

    Can listclean clean lists with more that 100,000 rows?

    listclean can handle much larger speadsheets than 100,000 rows, please contact us if you want to clean your larger data lists.