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  • Can I really clean my data without paying anything?

    You can try out listclean, using all its functions, without paying any money. It is only when you are satisfied with the cleansed data that you need to pay to download the results. We do require you to create an account.

    Is my data secure?

    All interaction with listclean, including spreadsheet uploads and downloads, uses a secure connection (https). All uploaded data is stored within a secure British Datacentre.

    When I pay are my details safe?

    Payments to listclean are handled by PayPal. None of your PayPal account details or credit card details are held by listclean

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Knowledge Base

01. How to define multiple passes for the same group level in a hierarchical data set?

  • You need to do the following to define an additional pass for a group level in a hierarchical data set:

    • Insert a new pass on the ‘Set Passes’ page
    • Change the order of the passes if you need to by dragging the pass into the correct order
    • Set the parameters for the new pass